Agreement between the HITH jazan and the Modern Food Company

An ending with employment training agreement between the Higher Institute for Tourism and Hospitality - Jazan and the Modern Food Company 19/12/2018

The Higher Institute for Tourism and Hospitality signed an agreement with the Modern Food Company to train, qualify and employ (70) of the Saudi Youth in the restaurant sector in Jazan region.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Majid Al-Subaie, representing HITH and Professor Reham Shalabi, Human Resources Manager at the Modern Food Company.

Mr. Al-Subaie explained that such an agreement is an extension of the previous agreements signed by the Institute with a number of private sector companies which aim at training, qualifying and employing Saudi youth in the specialties of restaurants and hotels that the labor market needs, and in recognition of the institute's Pioneering role in this field and in line with the Saudi Vision, 2030) in the Saudization of jobs in the tourism and hotel sector.

On the other hand, Reham Shalaby stressed the important and vital role played by the Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality in preparing and qualifying the Saudi youth to suit the needs of the labor market in the restaurants and hotels sector in the Kingdom, stressing the great benefits that will be reflected on the Saudi national economy in general and the tourism sector and hotel In particular.