MENA manages and operates a wide range of hospitality, entertainment and educational projects as well as quality assurance programs dedicated to public and private sectors in order to ensure the implementation of international Quality standards through applying accredited modern techniques in adaptation with locally approved methodologies.

Application and the inclusion of TQM ( Total Quality Management) in the service sector management programs ( tourism and hotel ) , classification of all tourism and hotel facilities at the local and regional level. Perform qualification programs for supervising food safety and Aqua check.

To contract with hotels , restaurants , and hospitality & tourism facilities & specialized training institutes and international schools and various locally developed or imported projects to cover the growing needs of the market and provide strong foundations with local and international accreditations.

The Consultancy Service aims to increase opportunities and reduce the risks through applying a well established strategic development map. The role of MENA hence as a strategic consultant is to develop a specific, detailed and measurable action plan where goals and time schedules are efficiently lined up. Herefrom the company’s success key reveals where realistic classification of the projects in question derives from defining strength factors and analyzing threat elements and assessing weakening parameters and evaluating development and investment opportunities.

The goal of the Research and Continuous Learning Centers is to help the private sector to make informed decisions based on statistical or research programs, demographic survey, specialized training courses and focus groups, and feasibility studies conducted by international specialists and experts.
Currently, the department is working on improving the quality of work , attention to outputs and strengthening the scientific background of the beneficiaries to raise the productivity of sectors , improve operating practices and meet with the local , regional and international level of quality.