Local Partners

Technical & Vocational Training Corporation

The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) is a training institute in Saudi Arabia. In existence since 23 June 1980, it has branches in all major Saudi cities.TVTC, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, which was formerly known as GOTEVOT *General Organisation for Technical Education and Vocational Training” is the Saudi Government leading provider of Training. With collages and institutions all across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, TVTC caters for more than 120 000 trainees in more than 100 locations.

Human Resources Development Fund

To develop and increase the competitiveness of the national workforce in partnership with the public and private sector through specialized and distinguished training upskilling and employment programs, that satisfy beneficiaries’ (customers’) needs, provided by qualified human resources, advanced information systems, and integrated knowledge and research methodology.

Ministry Of Labor

Organizing the employment market through the implementation of the labor rules & regulations, planning the human resources and developing it, in addition to, the settlement of labor disputes in the private sector.

Ministry Of Education

The International Exhibition for Higher Education seeks to host international universities and higher education institutions under one umbrella in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to introduce them as well as provide an environment for scientific cooperation between international and Saudi higher education institutions in both the public and private sectors.

Saudi Commission For Tourism & National Heritage

SCTH acts as a stimulation center working in close partnership with various tourism stakeholders to achieve the vision and mission of tourism in the Kingdom, acting as a key supporter of the creation of sustainable tourism development in accordance with the principles of Islam and the cultural and environmental realities in the Kingdom.

King Saud University

King Saud University does not limit its roles to teaching and research, however, but extends its practical and vital academic functions to the development of Saudi health care and the needs of the private sector.

Riyadh Municipality

The secretariat of the city of Riyadh municipality of small means and functions and personnel was established in 1356 e was Responsible for in that time, “director of the municipality”, and the first appointed to this site is Mr. Hassan Bukhari, even in 1360 AH (1941 AD), and then appointed Mr. Zinni Barre Year 1362 (1943 m) “mayor”, and was formed some sections of the municipality such as the Department of Administration, the Department of Hygiene, and in that time, the municipality began the task of expanding a bit and associated security services and police.

Jazan Municipality

The Municipality of Jazan was considered one of the oldest municipalities established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it was established in 1351 AH under the name of the control of markets and collection. Sheikh Isa Fathuddin Aqili (may Allah have mercy on him) was appointed as the first mayor of Jazan Municipality. Then 13 presidents and heads of state followed until now.

International Partners


HTMi is a leading Hospitality and Tourism Management Institute in Switzerland. While their main campus in Switzerland provides courses ranging from Diploma up to Master Level programs, our Campus in Saudi Arabia provides 2 years HTMi diploma to our students in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Our students can transfer to HTMi to pursue their Bachelor’s degree program after completing the diploma.


For more than 130 years, companies around the world have depended on Intertek to help ensure the
quality and safety of their products, processes and systems.
Intertek is an industry leader with more than 42,000 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries.
Intertek delivers Quality Assurance expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their industry-winning
processes and customer-centric culture. They help the companies to ensure that their products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world. They hold extensive global accreditations, recognitions, and agreements, and their knowledge of and expertise in overcoming regulatory, market, and supply chain hurdles is unrivalled.
Intertek Total Quality Assurance expertise, deliver consistently with precision, pace and passion, enabling customers to power ahead safely. All ISO & HACCP certification and Training is part of the Intertek services,.
Intertek is providing auditing & management system certification services on products, processes, and operations with the global network of over 3,000 expert auditors, utilizing their knowledge of the industry, delivering innovative, and customized auditing solutions in all business sectors around the world. All the training and business solutions can be customized to customer requirements.

Mod’Art International

ModArt International, a top Parisian School of Fashion, with an international calling, trains future leaders and key market players of the textile, accessories and luxury industries.

Mod’Art International is a leading institution offering Bachelor,  Master of Arts and  MBA programs  in  Fashion  Design  and  Fashion  Management. Through multiple interdisciplinary projects,  Mod’Art International offers a unique opportunity to  fashion  designers  and  fashion  managers   to  collaborate and extend their professional  skills.

Located  since  2016  in modern  and  vast premises  bathed  of lights close  to the Eiffel Tower,  the school  welcomes students,  both  national  and  international, in exceptional work conditions and environment. This diversity of cultures and origins boosts the students  openess  and creativity. To focus on international openess  and intercultural management, we  offer both  study  abroad  and  students’  exchange programs  in co-operation with our partner  universities  worldwide, along with the track taught in English.

Mod’Art delivers a French know-how, recognized in the world of fashion and luxury. By adapting  its curriculum to the technical, economic and creative global evolutions of the fashion industry, Mod’ Art provides an ultimate training to be prepared to occupy positions in an evolving workplace while meeting demanding academic requirements of the awarding of recognized French State degrees.

Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat is considered by many as the ultimate hair and beauty destination in London. It has won countless international awards. 15% of the Business at Harrods is from Urban Retreat. Key areas of UR services are Hair, Beauty, Spa, Nails, Brows, Wigs, Make-up salon, Moroccan Hammam, etc. Urban Retreat  has exclusive partnership with Mena Company, a subsidiary of Alhokair Group to open UR stores and service centre across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

LCBT | London College of Beauty Therapy

Founded by Eileen Cavalier OBE, the London College of Beauty Therapy (LCBT) has been established for over 22 years and is now one of the UK’s largest specialist, further education funded training colleges specialising in Beauty Therapy, Beauty Retail, Hair and Media Makeup, Hairdressing, Advanced Aesthetics, Advanced Epilation and Fitness courses.London College of Beauty Therapy (LCBT) will start its first School in Saudi Arabia in 2019 in exclusive partnership with Mena Company for Education and Developmant, a subsidiary of Alhokair Group.


Eurhodip is an educational support association that acts with professionalism towards all the members and provides progressive action aimed at the improvement of global hospitality anf tourism education and training for the members.

Eurhodip is a leading international association with the main focus on the quality, vitality, and public standing of hospitality and tourism education. Eurhodip is an excellent source for information on how education programs are changing in order to meet the needs of the new global economy, general education reform, student learning outcomes assessment, diversity in education, and global issues in education. Last but not least, Eurhodip is an organization with its own quality label named Eurhoqual. Member schools can apply for accreditation of their programs by the Eurhodip accreditation board.

Global Educational Excellence

Global Educational Excellence(GEE) was established in 1998 in Michigan, USA, as a vehicle for developing educational environments where all children are offered quality educational opportunities. Global Educational Excellence Academies are a place where all students are entitled to reach their highest potential through a meaningful educational experience. Immersed in a diversely rich, international community with a range of income levels, as well as surrounded by a community aspiring to a better future for themselves and their children via education and support.

Ammon Applied University College

AAUC is the only institution in Jordan which offers a whole year Hospitality training in the USA, in cooperation with the American Hospitality Association (AHA). This program enables the students to spend a whole year working in one of the five star hotels or resorts in different locations in the USA.

This initiative is just a small part of our determination to provide high quality education with affordable tuition for all. We also make sure that our graduates are the most prepared, highly trained, the most wanted in the Jordanian labor market and the most likely to move into an international environment.

HighField Awarding Body for Compliance

We provide Highfield Certified Training Programs on various subjects such as Food Safety, Food Hygiene, Emergency & First Aid, Health Safety, Fire Safety, Risk Assessment, and HACCP through EPIC Company, UK, being the Highfield approved Centre.